frequently asked questions

1. How do I make a booking or organise third party returns?

Please call our customer service 1800 689 445 or email pickups@atmlogistics.com

2. How do I track and trace my package

Simple go to our Tracking page and key your consignment number or order number. Our network offers up to five scan touch points – example below.

ETA’s are listed for all despatched items.

Alternatively call our friendly customer service team on 1800 689 445 or email service@atmlogistics.com

3. What is the best way to present my goods for transport?

Goods should be well packed in a solid cardboard box or container and securely sealed.

Internal packaging of goods should contain bubble wrap, foam inserts, paper/cardboard fillers to eliminate possible movement during transportation.

Packaging should have a single label detailing:

  • Senders name
  • Receivers name
  • Receivers address
  • Consignment note number
  • Number of cartons e.g. 1 of 3, 2 of 3, and 3 of 3

4. What is cubic weight?

The cubic weight is the parcel’s volume in cubic metres multiplied by 250.

5. What are chargeable kilograms?

Chargeable kilogram is the unit by which the shipment is charged and it will be the greater of either the actual kilograms or the cubic kilograms.

For example

This shipment measures 50cm long X 40 cm wide X 30 cm high, and its actual weight is 10 kilograms.
Cubic weight is 0.5 X 0.4 X 0.3 x250= 15 kgs

Thus cubic weight is the chargeable weight

6. Can you deliver to P.O boxes?

We are unable to deliver to P.O boxes. Being a specialist b2b carrier we restrict the number of residential deliveries within our network.

Not convinced? Try before you buy?
We’ll offer any b2b client a weeks trial ex Sydney or Melbourne to SEQ Queensland (one break bulk pallet per night) – if you’re convinced we’ll send an invoice and the rest is history,  if not we’ll shake hands and move on.